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A unique way to generate the free-flowing energy of in-person socializing over a virtual connection


Designed so everyone can enjoy a rewarding experience

Wallaroo Social can give your guests or employees the guided experience of a welcoming mixer to quickly connect them with new people that they will want to get to know better. We offer a powerful VIRTUAL MIXER that makes it possible for attendees at large gatherings to meet everyone else!

You can use Wallaroo Social’s flexible features to facilitate specific kinds of small group introductions and connections to ease the experience of people who may feel that they don’t fit the dominant background, culture, gender or age cohort of your workplace or community — or who just have less extraverted personalities.

Wallaroo Social can also offer them the opportunity to freely choose conversations on their own. When participants in your event want to join, leave or just wander between spaces for socializing or for watching presentations, they only need to click or touch their screen once. Whoosh, they’re there. It’s as simple as that.


Designed so you can focus on people & programs instead of worrying about logistics and tech

Once you’ve set up your event and it starts, you don’t have to tend to it to trigger conversations spaces or breakouts, open presentation sessions, or herd participants around like cattle. Instead you can visit with your participants and join them in conversation, monitor their experience and focus on making it the best it can be.


Inclusive & great for all kinds of people, not just the most vocal or those with lofty titles

Research shows that women, BIPOC and less-extraverted people are often disadvantaged in social conversations and in contributing equally to teams within in-person settings and on many virtual platforms too. That means that your events or meetings may be excluding important voices and losing a large proportion of their potential productivity.

We take an evidence-based approach to designing platforms for virtual and hybrid social interaction based on social psychology and testing. That means our goal is for everyone — whether shy or bon vivant, well-known insider or bright new contributor — to feel at home with the social features and the way that events or meetings are structured. With Wallaroo Social you can increase your event or organization effectiveness and improve the satisfaction of your participants and employees.


Looking for an awesome virtual alternative to in-person socializing?