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Do you wish that virtual gatherings could be as great as socializing in person?

They can be!

You can host virtual gatherings that rival the ease + spontaneity of in-person socializing, and give everyone the feeling that they’re part of a close-knit community

Find out how


Host an inclusive networking event, social mixer or collaborative work space

Use Wallaroo Social as an all-in-one platform — or use it to quickly enhance the social interaction of your Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams gatherings, or Slack chats*

Your Group’s Coffee Break Lounge or Garden

Have lots of small group spaces and an array of 1-on-1 spaces — plus a couple of bigger areas if folks want to crowd into the same conversation!

Monthly Happy Hours & Meetups

Set up one large stage for the featured presentation, and reserve most of the time for free-wheeling conversations in small groups and 1-on-1!

Community Gatherings

Use a mix of large stages and small conversation spaces to present information, be inclusive and encourage input plus spirited conversation from everyone, and gather feedback!

Offices & Meeting Rooms for the Hybrid Workplace

To bond remote workers with in-office staff, give everyone their own virtual office to host co-workers and guests, and use virtual or hybrid meeting rooms to present and discuss ideas!

Hallway Conversations Around Any Event

Make it easy for folks to slide away from the structured action to have a side conversation with someone they just met, or a longtime friend or colleague!

Alumni Reunions & Fundraisers

It’s all about making or re-energizing the personal connection! Give people a variety of ways to feel that excitement!

Any Time You Want Everyone to Participate

Lots of platforms can host presentations with limited commenting via text chat or offer 1:1 speed dating that only a fraction of attendees will use. If you want everyone to have a richer and rewarding experience, craft an event that everyone will enjoy!

Virtual/In-Person/Hybrid Conferences

Host keynotes and panels, but be equally sure that everyone makes rewarding individual connections — even if your event is in-person!

* Zoom, Meet, Teams and Slack are illustrative examples of event or meeting experiences that Wallaroo Social can enhance, and are trademarks and/or product names of their respective brand owners.

Several attendees mentioned how much they love using Wallaroo Social, so I’d like to thank you for all the work you’ve done to make that a great experience for them!

Event Host

It was extremely intuitive to use and succeeds as an excellent platform for attending online chats and participating in conversations.

Event Attendee

Give attendees at your next virtual event or hangout the easygoing feel of an in-person experience. They’ll enjoy it so much that they’ll wonder where the time went!

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