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The most powerful virtual mixer

to transform your workplace or event and promote a feeling of inclusion & belonging

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Why do I need one?

If your workplace or group is now spending more time convening online — and less time together in person…

Are you resigned to people feeling more disconnected and less satisfied with being part of your team or community?


Have you made group socializing online a truly inviting, inclusive and enjoyable bonding experience for everyone?

With Wallaroo Social:

In just minutes, large numbers of people can efficiently meet each other and have a sense of community with the whole group, No more feeling isolated because you only get to see a small subset of the group.

We offer many different ways so large groups of people can quickly meet, mix and keep track of each other — even if there are hundreds of people (or more) involved.

You can avoid structured breakout groups that can be time-wasting and unsatisfying experiences, and a huge amount of work to orchestrate.