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Who We Are

WALLAROO SOCIAL is one part of the CivImpact® Social Connection Platform, an array of web-based online software applications that preserve and promote social connection, cohesion and belonging when much of the interaction within a group is virtual or hybrid — and no longer takes place primarily in person.

It was created by CivImpact® Labs, a behavioral science and technology company with a civic purpose, developing innovative solutions to the growing challenges of information sharing and communication facing our society.

We’re committed to having a big impact on our world and to being a leader in using data, design and technology responsibly to improve it.

Our technology platforms and applications are devoted to preserving and promoting valuable, healthy and diverse social connection in our virtual world. As a continually-expanding portion of our professional and personal lives is being conducted online, we believe that it is vital that the technologies that mediate these interactions contribute positively to our individual and community health, actively help us avoid harmful impacts, and help address the remaining inequality of opportunity across our nation and globe.