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Instructions and Technical Requirements

Last updated December 15, 2021

How to Use Wallaroo Social During an Event

How to Register for + Join an Event

Note that some events may not require you to create a username + password. In that case, just enter your first and last names and your email address!

Setup + Navigation

Desktop & Laptop Computers

  • Offers the best and most reliable performance
  • The Chrome web browser is recommended
  • Up-to-date versions of the Firefox and Microsoft Edge web browsers are also supported

Mobile Devices (NOT RECOMMENDED)

  • Limited performance (lower video quality, slower response times)
  • Some capabilities are limited and other features are not available on mobile devices
  • Tablets preferred over phones, whose small screen size restricts your ability to see video chats
  • Apple iPhone and iPad devices should use the Safari web browser
  • Android devices should use the Chrome web browser

Logging In

  • Start by finding the invitation link that you received (e.g., in an email from the event host or the qXtro Support Team)
  • Follow the invitation link URL by clicking on it or copying it into a web browser
  • You may be asked to create a username and password. If not, skip to the next step
  • Enter your preferred email address, first name, last name
  • In some cases, you will receive the link to join the event in a confirmation email sent to you.

Camera and Microphone Access

Whenever you start a session using Wallaroo, be sure to “Allow” any prompts from your browser for access to your camera or microphone — even if you don’t plan to use them all of the time.

Navigating The App

  • The Wallaroo Social app offers a selection of: 1) Presentation rooms where you can hear panels, individual speakers or welcome messages, and 2) Conversation rooms where you can interact with other event participants by sharing audio/video and exchanging messages.
  • When you first enter the event, you will typically be placed in a Presentation room where you can view and listen to welcoming information.
  • From there, you can move to any other Presentation rooms or join Conversation rooms for small group conversations.
  • To join a room – click the “Join” button
  • To leave a room – click the “Leave” button in the upper-right corner of the room window… or just join any other room and you’ll automatically skip having to click “Leave”!
  • Smaller rooms have limits to how many people can join, indicated by dots for each available “seat” in the room
  • To learn more about other attendees, hover over their avatars for a greeting or click on the avatars to see their full profile information
  • In the upper right corner, click on your own avatar to complete/update your profile or adjust your camera/microphone choices
  • Just below your avatar, click on the People icon to see who’s in the event and where they are. Click on the Messages icon to view/send text messages to others in your room or to direct message anyone. Click on the Bell to view all of the announcements sent out during the event.


Camera or Mic Won’t Turn On

If your camera or mic won’t turn on after you arrive in a Wallaroo session, you can try the following to change your camera/mic selections:

  • Chrome browser – click on the camera icon located at the right end of the address bar (aka the URL location bar) to change your cam/mic selections.
  • Firefox browser – click on the camera icon on the left end of the address bar to change your cam/mic selections.
  • Edge browser – click on the padlock icon on the left end of the address bar to change your cam/mic selections.

If you cannot change your cam/mic selections by clicking the camera or padlock icon in the address bar, you can:

  • Chrome browser – click the “Manage” option within the Chrome camera icon
  • Firefox browser – disconnect the existing cam/mic by clicking the “x” next to each device listed within the Firefox camera icon — so the browser will prompt you to make a new selection when you reload the page.

If you use a Mac, know that recent versions of the MacOS including Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina and Mojave may also require that you grant your browser permission to use your cam, mic and any screen sharing/recording within the Security & Privacy settings of your Apple System Preferences.

Wrong Video/Audio Source

After you join a conversation room, you can switch camera and microphone devices by clicking the little gear icon at the bottom right of the qXtro video panel.

Audio Feedback — echo or high-pitched squeal

If you hear an echoing or unending high-pitched squeal, your microphone is picking up the output of your speakers. Be sure to mute any extraneous noise sources, and try moving your microphone further away from your speakers or using a headset to prevent audio feedback.

Mobile Devices

If you’re having issues on a mobile phone or tablet, you can try the following:

  • If there are any rooms whose names are MARKED WITH AN ASTERISK * or carry the description [Optimized for users on phone/tablet], join them.
  • Try turning off your own video whenever not needed.

Additional Help

Finally, if you ever have a problem with the Wallaroo app or a video conversation just not loading properly, you can always try reloading the page by clicking the circular arrow to the left of the address bar. And if you need further help with any technical issues, you can always click on the green “Need Help?” button in the lower right corner of the web page.  We’ll respond as quickly as we can!